About and For Teachers

A beautiful collection of quotations to calm and fill a teacher’s heart from 2009.

Needn’t be Tibetan to appreciate. Link

Achieve the Core:

performance tasks, assessments, lessons, etc.

Inside Mathematics:

performance tasks, videos, etc.

Dana Center:

scope and sequences, units, and other curriculum planning materials

Mathematics Assessment Project:

grades 6-12 performance tasks, lessons, tests

Drexel University - The Math Forum:

problems, puzzles, etc.

Mathematics Vision Project:

secondary math curriculum


reviews of instructional materials for Common Core alignment


problem-solving and reasoning tasks


planning templates, classroom videos, sample assessments, etc.


middle grades resources including "poster problems" and sense-making tools

Hunt Institute:

Common Core implementation videos

Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards:

illustrations of each standard

Teaching Channel:

classroom videos

Teaching the Core:

classroom videos and related lesson materials

Three-Act Tasks:

Dan Meyer's collection of modeling tasks


performance tasks

Yummy Math:

real-life math investigations

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