True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

~ Socrates 
Be sensitive to different values and cultures.

Consider your words carefully; they are powerful.

Learn acceptance and appreciation for our uniqueness; celebrate others, as well as showing tolerance. 

Compete and compare against your best self, collaborate with others. 

Origami Using the 7Ps’

Purpose-Patience-Practice- Persistence-Pride-Precision-PEACE
Sunrise over NBMS Peace Garden Photo by Chris Cutshall, October 2012 
May Peace Prevail on Earth English, Spanish, Russian & Japanese


Mindful Minute (gong)
Mindful Minute (rain)
Mindful Minute (beach)
Mindful Minute (waterfall)
Mindful Minute (river)
Mindful Minute (snow)
One Minute (bird/music)

Restorative Circles

Teaching Tolerance

Identity - Diversity- Justice - Action - Social Justice Standards
  • How does identity influence connections to mathematics?
  • How do other people who are different connect to mathematics?
  • How can we use “the math, the data” to promote justice for all?
  • How do we act individually and collectively to include everyone in mathematics?

Black History is American History

Civil Rights Video Collection

Global Green USA Green School Makeover We tried at North Buncombe but did not receive the grant. :-(  Video Link

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