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Books: The Message to Garcia. Bushido, The Soul of Japan 
Writers: Elbert Hubbard 
Quote: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristotle 
Music: 60’s, songs you can dance to; songs with a positive message 
Food: Sushi Travel Desinations: Japan
2006 - 2026
  I was very fortunate to be a 2014 Fellow
Visit the Fund for Teachers Website (click above) for an opportunity to gain the best professional development YOU can design. Amazing! 
Lucky to be a 2007 Fulbright Alumni. I had the rare opportunity to be the guest of the Japanese Government and their people to study their education program; particularly mathematics. And, I was extremely lucky to connect with family members! The program ended in 2008 with 6541 alumni from 26,478 applicants.
A QR Code ("Quick Response") is a mobile phone readable barcode that's been big in Japan forever; got my first one in 2007.
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Name: Joanne Robert 
Joanne Sakamoto Pellerin Robert 

Birthday: January 20th 
Occupation: Asheville Middle School 7th Grade Math Teacher

I love teaching in the middle, it is my ikigai, why I get up in the morning. And, I am very excited about my fourth year back as part of the Asheville Middle School Cougar family! The responsibilities are great and the challenges are ever present but working with middle school students is a blast! Adolescence is a tough time for everyone; the kid who is going through the hormonal upheaval, the parents who have to learn to let go, and the teachers who still have to cover the standard course of study during this unpredictable time. But, with a little love and laughter we all learn and grow from the time together.
My educational background: I graduated from Manzano High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico; have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas Woman's University, a Masters of Education from the University of Maine at Orono and I am a National Board Certified Teacher, Academically and Intellectually Endorsed, and a 2014 Fund for Teachers Fellow. Subjects taught include: health, physical education, mathematics, algebra, and science with students in K-8. I have also coached both girls and boys in basketball, volleyball, track and field, gymnastics, kayak polo and had the privilege of working with the US Olympic Track and Field Committee for many years. I have been fortunate to have experience working with students in Texas, Maine, Rhode Island, and now in North Carolina. I am a very strong advocate for PUBLIC SCHOOLS in my 35th year of teaching. Yikes! I still love it!
Some quick personal information that most people wonder about: I was born in Tachikawa, Japan; my mother was Japanese and my father was an "American G.I." Yes, I am a naturalized American citizen and part of a rich multicultural family. Growing up after World War II as a Japanese American was no easy cake walk even if I was considered an Air Force "brat." Hence, I do spend time in my classroom on global cultural awareness and appreciation. In addition to the subject focus of math, I also teach science, reading and writing skills; they are all as interdependent as the human race.
Please feel free to drop in and see my class in action or contact me anytime at your convenience.

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Wordout: Joanne Louise Sakamoto Pellerin Robert 

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Updated August, 2018. 

Teaching is my passion but I also have a life outside the educational world. I have two great sons and a Golden Retriever. My sons are pictured to the left and bring me great joy and happiness. Both are great paddlers and graduates of Asheville High School. 

Jacob is a cinematographer and graphic designer and Jesse, is a fine finish carpenter and a new father. Forest, my Golden Retriever, just passed away in 2018 at 14 years old; he was a great companion who kept me in shape with daily walks rain or shine. We also lost Zero, our 16 year old cat. 2018 was a tough year but there was good news too!

In March of 2018 I became a grandmother! Jesse and his wife K.C. had William Jacob Robert who came a little early; make that really early. William, named after his grandfather and his uncle only weighed 2 pounds at birth. Miracles and science worked hand in hand to bring this beautiful child to us. The “DAB” photo was a special one caught for those who totally get middle school teachers.

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